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Reaching the Unreached

About Us

Kindness is easy. This is what we were taught by people in our life. They were simple yet compassionate. They fought with a lot of hardships, but they managed to be brave by being kind. They dismissed their worries by looking at less fortunate people. People who were not able to feed their children, provide shelter and afford any kind of healthcare. They stepped up to help with whatever little they earned. Kindness is not by virtue of money, it is a simple gesture of being thankful for what you have got.

We co-founders are inspired by these people. We always strive to be kind over everything else. We help and forget. We embrace and empower. We inspire others to be kind. Humanity is our only religion. We stretch ourselves to reach the sky and touch the ground at the same time. We strive to reach the unreached. 


Hence, "Healstation Foundation"

Our Passions

"It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act." - Dalai Lama



Mental Health

A program under which tribal people suffering from mental health disorders are provided free of cost treatment which includes medicines and therapy.


Digital Dosti

A computer institute exclusively for poor tribal girls to be digitally literate and experience economic freedom.


Red Revolution

Menstrual Hygiene awareness and eco friendly cloth pad distribution to empower tribal female population for a healthier life.


Sui Dhaga

A sewing self help center  run by tribal girls to enable other girls to be trained in sewing.

A safe place where girls who can not buy machines can come and sew.


“Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”  – Michael Jordan


Dr. Gaurav Kumar


Snehal Joshi


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