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Healstation Foundation is a Pune-based non-profit organization working in the tribal (Tharu) areas in and around the forest on Bihar’s Indo-Nepal border. The organization adopts one panchayat at a time for village mental health empowerment through various projects like "Community Mental Health", "School Mental Health", "ToysR4us - toys and activities for mentally retarded and autistic kids in the village". At present, these mental health initiaves are implemented in "Parsoni, Bhaghaee Sakhuwani & Manchangwa gram panchayats Ramnagar, West Champaran, Bihar". The organization also runs projects like "Healstagram - Online mental health awareness", "TalkToHeal - online helpline for people seeking mental health advice."

People screened for mental health disorder


Patients under treatment


Students trained in Mental Health


 People helped through other projects


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